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Visiting the bath is a wonderful procedure, which is adored by many users. It is in the conditions of the bath from the human body removed all slags and toxins, so it is important to correctly pick up all the necessary bath accessories. An integral part of these procedures are quality and pleasant to the touch of towels. Let's consider their features, properties and nuances of choice.

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Basic properties
Nowadays, the range of towels is wider than ever. To choose the best option for an acceptable price can be both for the kitchen and for the bath. However, bath towels can be used not only after the steam room. In fact, such products are used after a visit to the sauna, shower or bath.
In most cases, bath towels are characterized by a rather soft and pleasant texture. However, such products should not only be as gentle as possible when in contact with the body, but also effective in wiping. It is important to take into account the material from which the towel is made. For example, linen options are more suitable for rubbing dishes and other kitchen utensils. For wiping the body after the bath, such products are hardly suitable. Instead, it is better to use other species, such as cotton.
For quality bath towels there is a high absorbing capacity. The right canvas will allow the user to wiped dry after all the procedures.
Experts strongly recommend to buy only high-quality bath towelsmade of natural materials. Such products can boast not only high softness and excellent absorbing properties, but also environmental safety.


Do not think that all bath towels are presented with one simple option. In fact, today on sale you can find several different subspecies of such products. They differ from each other in different parameters. Let's get to know them better.
Very popular today bath towels on Velcro, called kilt. Such specimens are made from hygienic materials. These products are mostly covered instead of the usual sheets. In kilts there are additions not only in the form of Velcro, but also rubber bands or other clasps, thanks to which these products in one motion are transformed into simple comfortable towels.
These options have the following advantages, making them one of the most popular and in demand:

they quickly and effortlessly turn into comfortable sheets or towels;
perfectly absorb moisture, which is very important for such a bath accessory;
Absolutely do not constrain movements;
do not slide from the human body, so they do not have to be constantly maintained.
Bath kilts are both male and female. They are not much different from each other. Thus, models for men are produced shorter, but wider. Women's varieties of kilts do based on the distance from the upper point of the chest to the knees. Otherwise, such accessories are called pareo. It is fastened on the smell - one half superimposed on the other. To increase the strength of the retention of the accessory on the female body often use additional Velcro - with them the kilt is kept more reliable.

Steam litter

Lying just on bare boards in the bath is not very convenient and hygienic, so without a good litter here can not do. A large bath towel is perfect for this, which at the end of all procedures can be wiped out.
Turban on the head
From a bath towel you can build a small turban on the head. With this accessory, you can collect and hide hair of any length, as well as hide the ears from the hot pair.
Special towel
Such accessories are intended for wiping the legs, face or for intimate hygiene. Of course, they are not mandatory, but are present in many baths and bathrooms. Their presence or absence directly depends on the personal preferences of the hosts.


Appointment and size

Before you go to the store and choose a suitable towel, you should understand what kind of model is a bath, and what size it should have. Thus, the smallest are products with dimensions of 30 x30 or 35 x35 cm. These options fall into the guest category. Next on the list are kitchen products - their width usually does not exceed the mark of 50 cm, and the length - 70 cm. Those towels, the length of which exceeds 100 cm, are already referred to as showers. They are followed by bath options, the width of which exceeds the mark of 100 cm, and the length - 150 cm.
On the shelves of shops today you can find bath towels, the size of which is 80 x 200 cm or more. Such specimens are classified as sheets. Models with 100 x150 cm are considered ideal for home use. They are not too big, so they are convenient to carry around. As well as the parameters of bath towels can vary depending on the manufacturer.
As for the purpose of bath towels, there may be several options:

such products are used not only to wipe, but also to cover the body;
with the help of such towels hide hair and ears from hot steam and heat;
use as a bedspread on wooden benches.

Choosing material

Experts advise to buy only high-quality bath towels, made of environmentally friendly and pleasant to the touch fabrics, which have a good ability to absorb. Consider some of the most popular and commonly used raw materials that are used in the manufacture of these bath accessories.
Such products boast natural antibacterial properties. In addition, bamboo towels are very soft, perfectly absorb moisture and are characterized by high breathability. However, it should be remembered that bamboo dries not very quickly.

Soy canvases absorb moisture better than cotton, and dry out much sooner. Externally, they are very similar to silk, but to the touch more similar to cashmere.
Today, bath accessories are very popular, in the production of which are used fibers lyocella. Such products perfectly absorb moisture, which makes them more effective than cotton samples. However, such variants will wither for a long time, which is why they often get musty.

Popular cotton products have proved themselves well. Thus, terry bath accessories from cotton absorb moisture well, are soft and do not electrify. The quality of their execution can vary. There are both one-sided and two-sided towels, which are able to easily transfer more than 5,000. Washings.

It is a fabric made of synthetic fiber. It is soft and tender and also dries up in no time. Microfiber towels are significantly hygroscopic - they absorb moisture in large volumes. This bath accessory will be easy and easy to use.


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